Sin (crescent) pendant, Iran, 1200 BC

Sin (crescent) pendant, Iran, 1200 BC
Dating:1300 BC–1200 BC
Origin:Middle East, Ancient Iran, Sialk
Physical:5.2cm. (2 in.) -

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  This pendant represents the Crescent of Sin. It comes from Sialk, Ancient Iran, 1300-1200 BC.

Sin, the moon god, was the principal god of Babylonia and Assyria. It eventually formed a triad with Shamash the sun god, and Ishtar the earth god. “… the cult of the moon god was brought into Babylonia by the Semitic nomads from Arabia. The moon-good is par excellence the god of nomadic people… just as the sun god is the chief god of an agricultural people (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911).

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