Large alabaster vase, 3150-2920 BC

Large alabaster vase, 3150-2920 BC
Period:Egypt, Early Dynastic Period/Thinite Period, Dynasty 01, Dynasty 1
Dating:3150 BC–2920 BC
Origin:Egypt, Upper Egypt, Abydos [Pre-Dynastic and Early Royal Tomb]
Material:Calcite - alabaster
Physical:33.4cm. (13 in.) - 6000 g. (211.8 oz.)

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Gilded statue of a queen, Early Dynastic
  This very large alabaster vase is a masterpiece of thin wall stone craftsmanship—a technology which reached its full potential as early as Dynasty 1 or 2. Vessels such as this one were created five thousand years ago by craftsmen who had no hard-metal tools. They worked for “… predynastic kings, such as Iry-Hor, Scorpion, and Ka, already shown in the form of the serekh, indicating the ownership of the vessel” (Rice 1991:71, Fig. 14).

“The making of stone vessels is one of the glories of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship. Even the hardest and most intractable stones were carved with extraordinary precision and assurance. The material also allowed the sculptor to indulge the Egyptian penchant for understatement, allowing the shape of objects and the materials from which they were fashioned to speak for themselves” (Rice 1991:72, Fig. 15).

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