Interactive Dynastic Timeline

We are very excited to give you a preview of our exclusive Timeline of Dynastic Egypt (Draft edition). This interactive tool makes it possible to examine the details of 4300 years of Egyptian dynastic chronology without losing sight of the big picture.

This “live table” displays simultaneously three timelines of information, with increasing detail. (The bottom strip, if printed, would measure over 8 meters, or 26 feet!). Clicking or sliding any one of the timelines causes the other two timelines to bring the corresponding information into view.

The first timeline, labeled “periods,” presents a table of the main periods of Egyptian history, such as Old Kingdom, First Intermediate Period, Middle Kingdom, etc. The green ball beneath points to the period currently displayed. Clicking anywhere in the timeline, or sliding the green ball causes the other timelines to update.

The second timeline, labeled “Dynasties,” depicts all thirty-one dynasties, illustrating graphically how dynasties overlap at certain periods. You can directly slide this timeline left or right by dragging, causing the other timelines to update.

The third timeline, labeled “Pharaohs,” shows the reign of each king within his dynasty, once again illustrating the importance of overlaps in certain periods. You can directly side this timeline in the same manner as the Dynasties timeline.

Egyptian chronology is fraught with uncertainties. For the purposes of this illustration, we had to “fill in the blanks,” giving the illusion of exact dates even when none were available. We generally followed the chronology presented by Clayton (1994).

Technical Considerations
To display this interactive illustration, your browser must have access to the Flash plug-in, version 5 minimum. With this draft version of the timeline, the small print can be hard to read unless the Trebuchet MS and Silkscreen fonts are available on your system. These fonts can be downloaded at no charge.


The timeline window displays periods, dynasties, and pharaonic reigns simultaneously.

The dynasties timeline displays graphically the overlap between dynasties at certain periods

The pharaohs timeline offers the most detail. Printed, it would measure 26 feet (8 meters)!