Iridescent glass jar, Roman, 1-100 AD ?

Iridescent glass jar, Roman, 1-100 AD ?
Dating:1 AD–100 AD
Origin:Roman World,
Material:Glass (all types)
Physical:7.9cm. (3.1 in.) - 76 g. (2.7 oz.)

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  This small glass jar was crafted from transparent blue glass. The bottom is flat. The existence of a pontil mark cannot be ascertained due to the considerable surface pitting. The tapering cylindrical body exhibits vertical ribbing at the shoulder. Ribbing may have extendend to the vertical walls of the body but, again, severe pitting make the determination difficult. The jar is finished with an everted rim, which may have been ground. Roman World, first century AD?

Very thick, heavy, heterogenous glass. Deeply pitted and weathered. Datation and origin uncertain.

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