Bronze wolf, Rome, 200-100 BC

Bronze wolf, Rome, 200-100 BC
Dating:200 BC–100 BC
Origin:Roman World,
Physical:5.1cm. (2 in.) - 160 g. (5.6 oz.)

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  This bronze sculpture representing a wolf was a decorative element atop the handle of a fragrance burner. Rome 200-100 BC (Laporte 1973, pers. comm.).

“As the ubiquitous emblem of Rome, the she-wolf is so rife with symbolism, that it has no equal among cities past or present” (Andreae 1973:37).

Bibliography (for this item)

Andreae, Bernard
1973 L’art de l’ancienne Rome. Editions d’art Lucien Mazenod, Paris, France. (37)

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