Lombard ring, Italy, 500-600 AD

Lombard ring, Italy, 500-600 AD
Dating:500 AD–600 AD
Origin:Roman World, Western Roman World
Physical:4.2cm. (1.6 in.) - 5 g. (.2 oz.)

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  This silver and gem ring from Lombardy (in northern Italy), was made around 500-600 AD. A similar finger-ring from the 6th century AD is shown at Museo Civico, Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. (Black 1981:107).

“Throughout the dissolution of the Roman Empire and the establishment of the Byzantine, hordes of semi-nomadic barbarian tribes occupied the majority of southwestern Europe… The five major groups were the Visigoths in Spain, the Ostrogoths in eastern Germany and Austria, the Anglo-Saxons in England and the Lombards in northern Italy. All were closely related in their origins and for this reason, together with the fact that all their gold work was very similar, they are generally lumped together under the collective title of the ‘Barbarians’. The choice of word is somewhat unfortunate since it implies everything that is uncivilized and, while this might be true of their behavior towards their neighbors, it certainly does not apply when you consider their art” (Black 1981:107-108).

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